All in a minute

Blood gushed out her wound. Her clothes soaked all it could. The marble floor joined in changing its color too. Her eyes looked dead, they looked at peace. I stood there frozen with an evil smile stuck to my face.

The warmth of the life fluid zapped me back to reality. The knife fell, splashing color to all it encountered. Realization dawned guilt. My own sister. I stabbed her. Maybe once,maybe more. I lost count, but I satisfied my vengeance. I won a petty argument, I returned a life to the maker. I will no more be a loser. I will never fail.

The alarm buzzed me back to the mundane world. It seemed so dead. My hands were numb. My eyes wouldn’t see my face. My guilt prevailed. I couldn’t blink a second. I wanted to cry. Tears refused to wash the sin. The deed wouldn’t die.

My eyes searched the room. I saw her. She lay beside me…sleeping..breathing…Alive!

I stay away from knives. I stay away from arguments…I stay away from vengeance.

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