Better Than Money

“Ha! It’s finished! Finished and perfect,” gloated High Wizard Mabel as she stepped back to admire her freshly potted creation.
“Errm…ma’am?” her apprentice frowned. “It’s not really like the creatures other wizards make.”
“Other wizards are idiots. Remember that. What blasted use is an Owlbear anyway? When is anyone ever glad to see an owlbear? Or a flail-snail? Or whatever other two unfortunate creatures those imbeciles have crushed together and calls a triumph of the arcane over nature? No one, that’s who. But everyone will love this.”
With maternal tenderness, Mabel brushed a hand over the trunk of her tree. Small fragments fell loose of the chocolate flake bark. Above her, chocolate button leaves clicked together in the gentle breeze. The branches were heavy with all manner of chocolate-coated treats. She plucked down a cream egg and caramel sap oozed from the snapped bud.
My creation will be welcomed into every garden in the world, and the world will be happier for it. Chocolate for everyone!”

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