Young Master Tompkins

Young Master Tompkins peeked out from the garden hedges at the edge of the street to watch a flustered Mr. Maxwell rush by. He quickly hid his head back underneath the bush, but it was too late.


Tompkins cautiously stuck his head out from underneath the shrub and looked at Max, answering with a shaking voice, “Ye-, yes sir?”

“What is a boy like you doing under there!? Come out from there this instant!” Maxwell yelled. Tompkins immediately tumbled out from the plant and staggered to his feet, doing anything in his power to avoid a conversation with Master Maxwell. He was frightening!

“I’ll be going now, sir…” Tompkins muttered, while swerving quickly around the hedge.

But an arm stopped him and pulled him back. “You’re almost 10 now, Tompkins! And you’re still playing your childish games! It’s time to grow up a little! Take control of yourself!” Tompkins shivered and avoided Max’s furious eyes. “But now that you’re here, you might as well help me. I have an errand for you…”

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