There was something in the simplistic nature of hunter verses prey that delighted the shadows; their uniform goal to devour the light was evident in their hurried movements. Figures of indiscernible shape and unconstrained by the conventions of size made it doubly hard for their features to be seen. No way of knowing when or where the phantom assassins would strike next; such was the order of things. And yet, the orb hung in their midst; taunting them all with its brilliance.

A tendril of blackness would approach and be stabbed by a piercing shard of light. It didn’t just focus it’s attention on one assailant but multiple adversaries; the complexity of the dance was a marvelous stroke of utter genius.

The moon’s reflection on the water continued to play out the visual scene; the shadows failing to score with their “Death by a thousand cuts” strategy. It was a far contrast of the peace that enveloped the wooded clearing. Who knew that it foretold the coming turmoil. But for now, the moment was blissful.

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