Eye of the Needle

Yeoman West sat pondering her fake SilkMilk anime tattoo; a white spider sitting on a milkmaid’s stool on a maple leaf background.

During Earth’s 21st century, Nexia scientists successfully genetically modified silk-spinning genes into goats. During the Great Patent Wars of 2 BBY, the Japanadians launched massive silk-producing Stratospheric Dirigibles tethering them to Earths surface. Each dirigible was laced to another forming an impenetrable web that encased the entire planet. The treaty busting event were not the balloons themselves but what held them aloft.

Fables floated through distant planets regarding Earth’s irresponsible use of helium as entertainment. Little did they know, their planet had the only source of mineable helium within their system.

West sat manning one of these helium filled moons. She plucked one of her scalps knitted blond strands and downloaded it into the mainframe’s micro-drive.

The THREADROT virus spread, unraveling the tightly woven defenses. The Needle Ships readied.

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