“Take it,” the weary man pleaded, proffering the laser pistol to the youth. He managed to execute a fancy spinning maneuver on the weapon as he did so, a feat even more impressive considering as he was drunk.

“No!” the teenage girl screamed. “You don’t have to do this!”

“Wrong.” The man pressed the gun into her hand, closing her fingers around it. He then turned and trudged into the airlock. He leaned against the closure switch and spoke, the slur of alcohol evident in his voice. “I was at Third Yard! I was af-afraid. I cowered as the enemy attacked. I failed to act, and because of tha-that, everybody died. Everybody! I betrayed everything…everything I s-stood for, everybody counting on me…it’s because of m-me that Val V-Verde took control of the systems.” He stared her right in the eyes. “But y-you can lead the resistance.”

“N0…” she softly bleated, knowing full well it was useless.

He closed the lock and prepared to open into space. “Promise me!” he shouted through the glass.

And then he was gone.

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