Fallen Hero's Daughter Nabs Murderers

Dateline 7/13/2004
Mammon, CA AP

“If there is one positive to this tragedy is that the good people of this city can sleep knowing that they are safe” Police Commissioner Davis spoke at a diverse crowd numbering in the thousands at the funeral service of Det. Brock Garrison.

As previously reported, Garrison was gunned down during a fierce firefight on Mira Loma and Baker streets two weeks ago. Detective Garrison pulled over a speeding Mazda registered to one Hope Daniels, who reported the car stolen in May.

Detective Garrison was off duty but used his in car lights to pull over the dangerous driver. An argument ensued and Garrison was pulled into the car headfirst and shot at close range with a .357 Magnum. The assailants exited the car and celebrated the murder.

All suspects were apprehended due to Garrison’s 10 year old daughter, who was with her father, taking pictures with her cellphone.

Lindsay Garrison is still listed as missing at time of post.

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