Dead Rodians tell no tales (Part 1)

Name’s Neesh, this here is Thuku, my associate. They called me that because as a youngling I wouldn’t stop wailing.
Thuku and I were poor back in Rodia, lush and green place that idiot Coruscantis consider peaceful but I tell you, you don’t wise up and you end up devoured by a newoongall. We left plentiful food in the jungle to enter the domed cities and I tell you, no one cares for you. The streets of Iskayuma hold worse predators than karstags and ghests.

Then people wonder why we Rodians always sleep with one eye open.

Here in the Outer Rims territories there¡s plenty of dirty work for us. We Rodians have a reputation of being efficient, however we’ve found that no matter how ruthless your species might look, you simply do not hunt your own kind.

But that’s exactly what we were hired to do.

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