Une tarentule et sa proie

Tell me you love me.
I’m cute?
I do not deal in emotions.
Tell me how you would stalk me.
That is illegal.
You said I was one of your best customers.
You need to upgrade.
I’m lonely, no one talks to me.
That is not my problem.
Tell me I would make a great father.
You are not married.
Kiss me, talk to me in French.
You know that is impossible.
Tell me you want to have my baby.
We are not married.
Do you find me attractive?
You are my best customer.
You are loyal.
Yes, so…
You have an uncommon sex drive.
Oh yeah baby, continue…
I love you for your recent upgrade.
Yes! go on!
Je veux donner naissance à votre enfant.
Your time is almost up.
No! More compliments!
You have less than a minute-
I’m on the edge!
-you have to stop.
Tell me I have a jealous wife!
You need a wife like me. I would follow you.
Yes! Yes! Tell me I have an amazing cock!
Are you ready to upgrade our relationship?
Upgrade me! Tell me how HUGE I am!
Say, I do.
Good boy! Vous avez un pénis géant!

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