On the Clock

“You’re Walker?”

“No, I’m Deakins. Who’s asking?”

“A group of… concerned …citizens. Where’s Walker?”

“Unable to live up to his surname for the time being, thanks to a couple of well-timed shots with a police-grade tactical laser.”

“Um…okay. I was told there would be two of you.”

“Well, circumstances are beyond my control. I can fly solo. What do you need me to do?”

“Are you aware of Provædia Labs?”

“Sure, the genetics company whose every member is anonymous. Says that they’re trying to be humble, maintain sort of an ‘Everyman’ sort of personality. What about ’em?”

“We want you to…identify ‘Everyman’. We’ve managed to find out their lab location, you just need to break in and do the job.”

“Oh, sure. Give me a rock and call me Sisyphus.”

“Perhaps this might change your mind. Be advised that this is only half.”

“Yeah, like I’m going to…uh…”

“As I’ve said, that’s half.”

“I take it I can expect the rest after?”


“Your money, your time. Guess that means that I am on the clock.”

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