Dominion: Gray Space

The line between good and evil had blurred. I had killed men. My reasons were sound but that didn’t make them any less dead. The fact that it was either them or me didn’t change the anything either, nor did the fact that I had noble goals. They were following orders. I was merely following my instincts and a vague message.

The slender metal courier tube had seemed to grow heavier the longer I carried it. It was my reminder and my guide. I hadn’t asked for it, but the men who had shown up to claim it, had started negotiations with laser fire. Innocents had died that day.

Switching it on, I looked at the familiar clear blue letters that read This is a warning. The One-Race initiative is real and backed by a powerful criminal empire. Enclosed is a series of encrypted documents that must be kept safe at all costs…

Heavy booted footfalls sounded close by. I snapped the cylinder shut and pretended to be a sleeping vagrant. I hoped that my friend showed up soon, before I got hurt, or before I killed again.

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