“Yeah but Rudy is the rook! Why the hell does he get the cushy wait job? Kid was probably feelin’ himself up all night anyways.” complains Russel.

“Rook or not. Rudy worked the floor tonight. Unfortunately, you get to clean it.” says Samson.

Samson runs the club. It’s “underground” of course. It would have to be for the clientele they have walking in to this place. The club doesn’t really have a name, but everyone calls it “Shag”. That’s a double-entendre by the way. The club has a raised area covered with shag (some weird imported carpet from the late 20th century). Guess what happens there! And guess who gets to clean it tonight!

“Total bullshit Samson! You know what it’s like cleaning that damn carpet.” says Russel.
“Of course I do Russel. That’s why you’re doing it!” answers Samson.
“Whatever. So what the hell happened tonight anyways? I see that some serious shit went down.”
“It is none of your concern Russel.”
“Fine. I just think I should know seeing as I’m mopping up the blood.”

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