Distraction (Superhero Black Hole: Part 20)

I must be resolute. I must be firm. My gut wants to hate her, and my head wants to fear her, but…

Clang, bonk, boing, thud…

What are you doing? The tone is one part condescention and two parts annoyance. At least that much felt familiar.

Nothing. Just trying to think.

There’s a pause, and I try to look towards her. Of course, my head still won’t move. It seemed like a try, worth the effort to…

Thunk, clink, ba-zoing, ka-ka-ka-boom…

Will you stop that?

The screen begins to flicker to life once more, reassuring in its brightness but unsettling all the same. A thinkspeak noise creeps into my mind, something I can only describe as what it sounds like when someone thinks about laughing. It’s not nearly as pleasant as the real thing.

Pay attention, she coos.

Right, got it. Won’t blink. Do we get popcorn?

I want to be resolute. I want to be firm. I want to hate her. Odds are, I should probably fear her, but…

Damn, she looks good in that dress.

Thanks, now watch.


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