Corporate Entry

The massive grey-green bio-crete walls of the Olympus Corporation’s primary tower bridged heaven and earth. Stark, unadorned, and windowless, it looked more like a prison than a laboratory. The only concession to ascetics were the hideous gargoyles that ringed the executive levels, an expression of the ugliness they encased. They were more than mere decorations. Each one housed multi-spectrum detection, uni-comm fragmenters and an HES 332 long-range pulse shredder- organic technology at its finest.

“So this is it?” N-ka asked, adjusting her I-screens. “It’s certainly impressive enough, but I was expecting a little more.” She had the overconfident air of every Breacher I’d ever met.

“Let’s hope you’re right.” I grimaced.

The withered hand of Grammy Lo squeezed my shoulder affectionately. “Getting in won’t be the problem. This much I know for certain.” Great, whatever that meant.

Curr stood up, muscles twitching in random spasms. “I’m tuned and ready.”

I swallowed. “Right. Let’s go be heroes people!”

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