Sub one

“100 meters to go Sir” said the nav master as the rescue sub moved slowly towards the surface. From there it was to find the research vessel. The surface had been without of life for generations as long as Captain Clify’s family history went back. It had been abandoned for the ocean floor centuries back. However the surface explorers message was clear, something had attacked the scientists, but what?
The scientists were on a mission to find surface resources. They had made an urgent transmission two days ago and a rescue party had been sent in reply. There had been no communication since then.
“Surface in sight” said the nav master “20 meters to go”.
Approaching the surface, the Captain used the radar. It picked up a vessel ahead, not the science vessel, something else. The radar beeped as it picked up an object moving at speed toward the sub from the vessel.
“What in the…?, DIVE DIVE,” screamed the captain, suddenly realising they were under attack.
Something was out there and it was not friendly.

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