Meha's First Breach

“Meha, you stick close to me, you hear”? Grammy Lo instructed me, “This is your first breach, do ONLY your part, and no heroics”!

We sat in the sewers, reading a map with our halogen forehead implants blazing. Our family is of the Breacher cast, an arm of the Hacker clan, we are the physical behind the mental. At 4 years old I was the only girl handed a THX 0448 Fist-Bot, a Breacher’s and Hacker’s RPG game. Little did I know, the game was a mental and physical agility program that sent reports to N-ka. When I turned 13, the game announced I had reached it’s optimum score and was now in self destruct mode and to deliver it to N-ka for disposal. It was at that time I was informed that the RPG characters were my loving family members who were taking part in my future development.

“Uncoil your Helical Nitinol Muscle, Meha” Curr instructed me. After Grammy lead us Four in the Breacher’s Prayer, I nervously followed my family up the rusty handholds to prove my future’s worth; My Muscle flexed and ready.

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