Duck Hunting

I zipped up my duck suit, and put on my trainers. It was time to go.

“Right. When i say go, run as fast as you can, i will try and shoot you with this double barrell shotgun, if i hit you, i win” Derick shouted, with a manic smile slathered across his face.

I was about to protest, but was cut off, when he suddenly shouted GO!

I panicked, what could i do? i did the only thing i could, i ran. I ran as fast as i could in my yellow fluffy duck suit, whilst being shot at by a mad man. Great start to the weekend i thought.

Half a minute had passed, and i already started to run out of breath, the extra weight of the suit took an enourmous toll.
Wait a minute! i thought. this suit might be thick enough to deflect bullets! i thought to my self.

I stood still, laughing at the man, who held a large shotgun to my chest.
The shot echoed through the air, reverberating through the trees. Blood trickled down from the large dent in my chest. I coughed and fell to my knees.

That was a bad idea. I thought.

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