I quickly scanned the room, nothing to be found, yet.
The radio crackled and i quickly put it to my ear.

“The hostiles are moving, they’ve managed to get in the engine room. Head down there now” A man with a hoarse voice said. It sounded as though he had been panicking.

I holstered my gun, and made my way to the lift. I hate these things, i thought to myself. I had always been claustrophobic, and being dangled 200ft in the air in an elevator that was over a hundred years old didn’t seem like my idea of fun. I closed my eyes, but was suddenly interrupted when the doors slid open. I silently crept through, listening out for any trouble.

It was hot down here. The engine has to be constantly cooled, and even then it runs at around 4000 celcius, of course it was contained so it didn’t melt the ship, it still didn’t stop heat from escaping. I made my way to the engine, there were no signs of damage. I put my hand on the control pad. But was suddenly stopped.

A hand grabbed my arm, and my vision faded.

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