Jay Novax was running out of time.

Flashbolts blazed around him bouncing off the sealed portal door directly ahead. Sparks flew in every direction; blasts ricocheted off the corrugated walls. A bolt flashed inches from his ear as he leaped behind a stack of cargo-crates.

“DART! I need this door open, NOW!”

“Almost t-th-there, Ca-Captain,” stammered the malfunctioning D47-T.

Another blast hit his arm, knocking the Chronocom from his hand. – Blasted!

He watched as the floor below him began to vibrate; the time-compass slipped further away and into the line of fire.

He reached toward the device but quickly pulled back. He knew the Empress wouldn’t cut him any slack, and as expected, her voice rang his neuro-plant: “Nice job, Captain Slick, that’s the second time you’ve lost it today!”

“Well, Your-Holiness. Maybe you’d like to get it back, huh?”

The firing stopped; silent smoke filled the air. As he grabbed the Chronocom, he heard a static-energy-charge whir behind him. “Hey, Dart? NOW IS GOOD!”

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