I love my best friend. Shes a pain in the ass (yes I said ass. Sorry if that offends but she does!) she’s a pain in my ass. And there’s things about her that sometimes I can’t stand.
But. I love her and I wouldn’t trade her for anything. We have the exact same mindset. We like the same guys, even to our detriment. We have the same loves of music, clothing and movies. We have the same morals it seems, when looking closely at our pasts. ;) we finish each others sentences, but more than that we finish each others thoughts. We are talented, thanks for recognizing that.
More than those shallow things, we have each others back. We had a situation that required both of us to get the desired result. Without the other it would have gone down in flames. We stood back to back guns a blazing. Moving in sync. Each knowing the next ones moves. We are the detectives you never wish to meet. We are in cahoots and if you don’t like it too bad.

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