Blasted 3

The portal door shut behind him as the energy-charge exploded on the other side. Novax gave a swift look back, wiped his brow, shrugged his shoulders, turned and continued on.

The lady said ‘meet us in docking bay 4’, so I will, he told himself. But first, I’d like a drink.

Hearing the clatter of Hantorian footsteps, he stopped before the next corridor and slipped in an alcove behind an air duct. A horde of twenty marched through and he noticed they seemed in quite the hurry.

Well, so much for that Argan Ale, he thought, watching as they turned the corner. There won’t be any left. He sighed and ran the other way.

A few twist and turns later, he opened the entrance of docking bay 4. At the far side he saw the Empress and DART being pushed by five Hantorian guards up the loading ramp of the Pulsar Wind.

“WAIT FOR ME!” Novax said, firing two shots from a blaster in each hand; hitting three solders and missing one.

“About time!” said Empress Sa, quickly smashing together the heads of the last two.

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