A Different Kind of Death (Superhero Black Hole, Pt. 25)

Suddenly, we were in the Anonymous Cinema once more, and I was again temporarily paralyzed.

But…b-but…WHY?! I shoutthought.

You didn’t think I’d let you off that easy, did you? she replied.

You said that I could choose you, or I could choose death! Why did you save me?

I didn’t save you, she speakthought. If thoughtwords could be expressed with a devious, subliminal cackle, the aura of a deranged psychopath who had gotten in a sadistic rocketship and blasted out of rational reality, that’s what they felt like. You will never be able to undo this moment.

Watch me, I defied, but she grabbed me.

You will try to jump back, but I will follow you. You will try to act, but I will prevent you. You will try to elude me, but I will outfox you. And every time you do, I will make this accident even worse. You will live with the full knowledge that you’re incapable of preventing this destruction. You will live in your own personal hell. Every waking moment of your immortal life will be your death.

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