War Games

There was a certain splinter of humanity who had come to a consensus during the eons of combat. They looked with disapproval upon the so-called “Home System”, believing it a pretender to the title and a willful, even self-serving, extender of the plethora of gruesome campaigns. They wanted to intervene, but there was nothing they could do.

And then Sievert fell into their laps.

He could barely latch up his shoes or feed himself, and yet he was a master at theoretical physics. Together with a number of conscripted scientists and engineers, they would acquire the means to redact the entire Home System from the annals of reality itself.

After many long years, the project was done. The scientists and engineers were disposed of, as was Sievert, and all that was left was to surreptitiously set up the Doomsday weapons in the Home System. Through a gutsy gambit, this was achieved.

The cohort of humans then resigned from the game, allowing the remnants to duke it out until the last one standing won the pot.

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