I continued to watch the moon’s light as it danced upon the water while my mind made a note of every detail; this is what I wanted to remember. I sighed heavily and slowly rose onto my hands and knees; my armor reminding me that it wasn’t made to be worn with its occupant lying on his stomach. My head moved to the left and right; blue eyes scanning the horizon as the faint whispers of dawn approached.

“My Lord,” I sprang to my feet and nearly fell over thanks to the armor’s weight. Turning, I saw one of my scouts looking at me with a shocked expression. “It’s just me, sir. They are ready.”

“Next time,” I began, “Don’t sneak up on me like that. My nerves are tight as it is. I could have killed you.”

The truth was that I couldn’t have. My blade wasn’t drawn and my turn around time was horribly off. I inwardly smiled and nodded.

“Three pairs on the North, South, East, and Western positions just liked you ordered.”

“Well done. When dawn breaks, have them shuffle in among the morning crowds.”

“Yes sir.”

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