Blasted 4

Sa grabbed the blasters off the unconscious men.

“Get aboard,” she growled at Novax and DART.

“But mistress, this is a H-h-h-hantorian ship,” stuttered the droid.

“Exactly. So they won’t be expecting us to be on it and we can make our escape.”

“Highness, you are…”

“A tactical genius, I know,” she cut him off. “Now can you fly this thing or not?”

“What about my ship? If you think I am just gonna leave her here, you are crazier than I thought!”

The Empress sighed. “I’ll buy you a new one, a better one, but we have to get out of here first. Now let’s go!”

I really should have stopped for that drink, he thought as he ran up the ramp to the cruiser. The Pulsar Wind was a state of the art Hantorian vessel with rail guns, hyper-phased drive and cloaking device. The problem would be getting out of the docking bay in one piece.

“Strap the droid down and hold on to your panties, this is gonna get a little bumpy.”

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