The Most Singular Object

In the multitudes of galaxies, there existed in a distant cluster of lifeless stars locked in a vortex of insatiable hunger, a black hole the size of a small galaxy.

Upon a hunk of rock orbiting a plummeting brown dwarf sat the most powerful being in reality. Cross legged, spine erect, (unpronounceable) was a Voodoo master of the highest order. In his youth, he had faced an entire battalion of Super Dreadnoughts from an asteroid belt. The space around the belt, bristling with sun destroyers and planet killers, became rarefied gas in a blink.

(unpronounceable) sent his consciousness expanding billions of light years, his awareness registering every particle until he was quintessentially the universe itself. He was searching for something so rare, so improbable that it was the only of its kind in the whole of all he could spy with his Voodoo power.

Finally he found it, on a tiny jade green planet, brewed in a bamboo bowl by an ancient Chinaman, the perfect won-ton soup.

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