A Blast From the Past

Outside, the sun gave life to the world below. Behind the windows of the conference room, the company was dying.

“- you can see that our profits for the second quarter are down in all sectors. If you turn to page three, I have solutions-”

April’s words were interrupted when the panoramic window exploded and three men sailed into the room feet first. Each was armed, armored, and dressed in the swirling grays of city camo, down to identical masks. Guns swung back and forth covering the stunned executives.

“No one moves! If I so much as see a hand twitch- BOOM!- blood and brains everywhere!” The gunman on the right barked.

The one in the middle sauntered up to April and pulled her up out of her chair. When he spoke, his voice was strong and certain.

“April, I’ve come for you- like I always said I would. It’s just taken a little time.”

Pulling his mask up, his cool blue eyes searched hers.

“Wes?” she asked in disbelief.

He responded by kneeling before her. “Would you, April O’keefe, consent to marry me?”

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