Secrets. (An Amelia & Patrick Story). Intro.

The story is about Amelia and Patrick.

In The ATL.

Amelia Jones— Is 15 and she has a brother named Darell.

Darell Jones (AKA Dj)— Is 17 and his bestfriend is Patrick.

Patrick Breeding (AKA Pat or P.)— Is 16 1/2 and his and Darell’s other bestfrind is J

Jarell Holiday (AKA J.)— Is 16 1/2 and his sister is Keleesha

Keleesha Holiday (AKA Leesha or Shay)— Is 15 and her and Amelia is bestfriends there like sisters.

Patrick has 4 brothers (Carnell,Kelly,Bryan and Dustin) and 1 cuzin (Jamari) and a mom (Adrian) that all live in the same house.

Amelia lives wit her Dad and brother.Her mom and dad divored eacthother when she was 3 and Darell was 5. Their mom moved to California……..
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