The manifold diary of Jenny Everywhere, the Shifter


Name’s Jenny Everywhere. Call me the Shifter. I need your help filling in my diary.

You see, I exist in many places and times (every place and time?) and I shift between places and times. Diaries are tricky. Not impossible: nothing’s impossible except anti-gravity (and even then, it’s not too hard to pretend. Think light thoughts!)

Anyway, a dozen stories kindle from a single anecdote and then they flow back and around, wobbly wibbly with contorted plots and stretched metaphors like a dodgy simile which broke down halfway through Orion’s Belt. Frankly, I don’t have the time to write it all down.

That’s where you come in. Write me a story about me, yeah? Jog my memory, fill in the blanks, branch things off when the story is implausibly DULL and what actually happened was much more rad.


“But Jenny, I don’t know the first damn thing about you!”

Well, I tried filling out a questionnaire. I ran out of ink and next I looked there were half-a-dozen. Just pick the one you like best, I guess.

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