Secrets (An Amelia and Patrick Story) Part One: 1 of 2

Amelia and her brother is eating lunch at the mall.

Amelia’s POV:

Amelia: So where u goin after u eat?

Darell: Pat and J gon meet me here so we can shoot some hoops…

Amelia: Oh let me hurry up and get out of here. I’m tired of Patrick’s dumd azz.

Darell: Y u don’t like him we praticaly grew up with him.

Amelia: Hmm IDK maybe cuz he teased me growin up. I say sarcasticly.

Jarell: Still do.

Darell: Sup J. They do that handshake-hug thing.

Amelia: Hey J.

Jarell: Sup Amelia.

Darell: Where’s pat?

Jarel: Talkin 2 some girl.

Darell: That’s pat fo u.

Jarell: Yep.

Amelia: I’ma see ya’ll later.

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