Vibrations are Blind

There was just one problem with using vibrations for sight; anything flat, writing or color, is invisible. There was no doubt in her mind that a car has been following her, but the certainty stopped there. She couldn’t tell the model of the car, what color it was, she had a faint idea that there were two people in the car, but really, she was blind to anything that could be of use in a police report.

Without seeing who was in the car, it would be impossible to tell if they were the standard kidnapper/rapist type or something more… sophisticated.

When she continued walking, the car continued following to the end of the road where she would need to cross. With it being so early there was typically no cars anywhere, so she would dart across the street without looking. Surely, to them it would appear as nothing more than a childhood habit.

While in reality it would be her trying to sneak a peek at them over her shoulder.

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