Firebugs like the Stars on the dome of the libido

“There you go, that’s a light year you’ve gone without crashing into an asteroid,” congratulated the Princess after they had outrun her father’s interceptors.

“I can hack a tree and an enemy in half. Now I can fly a spaceship. I feel like a renaissance man,” laughed Harran as the ship impacted a much smaller craft which plunged into the atmosphere of the swamp planet Bagodah. He grinned sheepishly. “There’s still a few kinks to iron out.”

“We must go and assist that ship!” cried the Princess.

“Hey! I didn’t sign up for this. Plunder and murder, sure yeah, but rescuin’? It ain’t my style!”

The Princess pressed some buttons on the console then looked up at him. “The computer is searching the planet for the downed ship’s coordinates.” Her cerulean lips curled in a lascivious blue smile. “In the meanwhile, why don’t we see which part of our alien anatomies fit together…?”

“Yes Princess.”

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