[NOT FOR CIRCULATION] Jennifer Everywhere, alias The Shifter

NAME: Jennifer Everywhere.
ALIAS: The Shifter.
APPEARANCE: Average height and weight, Asian or American Indian appearance, short black hair.
TYPICAL CLOTHING: Long scarf (varied colours, always striped), aviation goggles.
PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE: Confident, charismatic, curious, intelligent, individualistic / arrogant, bossy, interfering, bookish, lonely.

THE LUGGAGE: By whistling a bar from an as-yet unidentified ‘pop’ song, Everywhere summons a large bag she calls ‘The Luggage’. The appearance and to some extent the size of the bag varies depending on the location and her needs, but while it is with her it does not change.

THE SCARF: Although no supernatural or technological benefit (other than its default warming function) has been attributed to the scarf, Everywhere has described it as “about the most massively useful thing” she – or any interstellar hitchhiker – might own.

PORTALING: Exactly how Everywhere travels through time and space is a matter of great contention.

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