Blasted 5

High above the docking bay, Commander Tarsus paced the bridge with one arm behind his back. The station was in chaos; every soldier was earnestly searching for the Empress. Personally, he wanted her gone; she’d been a thorn in his side since arriving, but he knew he’d be responsible for an untimely flight.

“Commander, there’s been a departure in docking bay 4.”

“Departure? I haven’t authorized any departures! Who is it?”

“It’s the Admiral’s ship, sir. The Pulsar Wind.”

“Cantus? Leaving so soon? He just landed.”

The Admiral had arrived from Hantor and was on his way to the bridge to question the vixen for himself. His methods were feared throughout the galaxy but especially among his people. He would make her talk.

The bridge doors hissed open. “Commander,” a voice said filling the room, “it was most unwise of you letting the Empress leave!"

“Admiral! Sir, I – uh…”

“Fortunate for you, I found her in the docking bay. My men are loading her on my ship as we speak.”

“Sir – uh, about your ship – uh…”

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