Secrets (An Amelia and Patrick Story). Part One: 2 of 2

Patrick: Where u goin? I just got here.

Amelia: Well Duh! That’s y i’m leavin.

Patrick: Leave. Nobody want yo ugly azz over here anyway.

Amelia: Don’t start patrick, i’m not in the mood.

Patrick: Y? U got yo period?

Amelia: No. I’m just feelin sick.

Patrick: He gasps. Your pregnet?

Amelia: No u makin me naucious(sp) wit yo ugly face.

Patrick: You know wat?…. He steps towards me.

Darell: Hey, Break it up.

Amelia: Like i said. i’ma leave.Later D, J…..I look at patrick. Ugly.

Patrick: Bugs bunny.

Amelia: U know wat call me bugs bunny one mo gain! I say steppin towards him wit my fist up.

Darell: Just leave Amelia

Jarell: We gon catch up wit you later.Aight. He winks.

Amelia: Aight.

Amelia’s POV:

I look and see patrick gettin all mad lookin @ me then J then me, then J again. WTF is he jealous??? I roll my eyes. Wateva i ain’t got time to be worrying about patrick….. I leave the mall and start walking home……


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