Jenny Nitroglycerine

Jenny Everywhere squinted in Negative Space as parallax moved mountains and a scorched sky past, panning to the far horizon where Jenny Nowhere stood, fists clenched and defiant.

Jenny Everywhere broke into a run, and hurtled across the miles, throwing up a thin line of dust. So did Jenny Nowhere. Halo blue lightning lashed the air the faster Jenny Everywhere went. Vermilion arcs sparked from the event horizon of Jenny Nowhere.

Cottages splintered into kindling, cars tumbled like steel rolypolys, and crops were ruined from the twin sonic booms. Yet faster they went, so that Time seemed to step outside its dominion and watch in rapt attention.

The two Jennys: poised in a pattern of violence, arms whipping the air, nowhere hair swirling everywhere, the other reflected in tourmaline eyes and rippling into infinity.

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?

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