A Shameful Distraction

She stopped, teetering on the edge of the curb; it would be only moments between her dash across the street and exposing herself in the cone of light beneath the street lamp. In those moments she would have to capture the image of who is following her, process it, and make her decision on what to do next.

During school, most days at least, she could trick herself into believing she didn’t see the colorful wrappings curled around every person, thing and plant. Even under pressure she tried, but the powerful image of the human aura always won. It was already creeping in on her; she blinked her eyes trying to force the images away. Whenever this happened she ultimately felt ashamed of herself. It wasn’t in her nature to use her… gifts, for her own gain. She became ashamed that she couldn’t control herself enough.

A stiff putter from the hiding car and a deep breath brought her back to her situation. Her best chance was to take an auric picture of the cars occupants. She would have to forgive herself later.

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