He could smell her perfume, her sweat, her shampoo and, under that, her. As he stroked her ear she turned over, looked him in the eye. Oh, those eyes! Deep earthy pools, inescapable. She laughed. How long had he been staring?

“I love you.”

“I know.”

She knew. That was enough. Her breath washed over him, their air became intermingled. The sweet warmth filled his nostrils, then hers. Their foreheads touched, he pulled her closer against the cold night. He was enthralled in her soft heat. He purred as she brushed his cheek, down the curve of his chin.

He embraced the soft curve of her arm. and she fell back, resting her head against his shoulder. They watched the night, a cloud rolling over the breathtaking starscape, paling in his eyes next to her intoxicating presence.

The moment would eventually end, but he knew, more than he knew anything, that it would last forever.

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