Good Girls Go to Heaven, Jenny Goes Everywhere

“Doc,” Jenny said, gesturing at the missile that hung frozen inches away, “we don’t got time.”

“What was your name again?” Gates asked.

“Jenny. Jenny Everywhere.”

“Well, Jenny Jenny Everywhere, I’m a time traveler. You’ll find that time is something I’ve got loads of. How did you do that?” he said, indicating the missile.

“Oh. With this,” Jenny said, showing Gates a device that looked like an old chrome mechanical egg timer. “It’s a ChronoLock. It projects a stasis bubble that locks down local space-time…"

“I know what it does,” Gates interrupted. “I invented it. Except the only working prototype is in my lab. How did you get it?”

“Er…someone you know gave it to me?”

“Jenny Jenny Everywhere, somehow I rather doubt that.”

“Look Doc,” Jenny said, poking Gates in the chest. “If you built this gizmo, then you know that the stasis bubble only remains stable for six minutes. So, unless you want a face full of missile, I suggest you come with me. Now.”

Gates smiled. “Yes Ma’am,” he said with a salute.

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