Mary Ann Smith

Despite her relatively plain name, Mary Ann is usually the most beautiful girl in the room. Men go out of their way to surreptitiously steal a glance or two down her way. Her chestnut hair frames an Balkan profile inset with a pair of iridium flecked emeralds. Her body is lithe and slender, but you can see it filling out quite nicely after a few children.

Mary Ann rarely smiles. Her lips may stretch slightly into a thin semblance when she greets a fellow co-worker or a customer. When she does let loose into a full blown grin, the transformation is startling. It is not to say she is no longer beautiful, but the moment she smiles, it is like an integral component of the environment has somehow detached, perhaps dulling the ambient light or subtly altering the gravitational constant.

The rictus that results is a goofy caricature that throws off the observer, more accustomed to a classical beauty. But she knows there is nothing more beautiful than an expression of pleasure from a loved one to a loved one.

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