Johnny Pharma

DOB: 02/04/2133
Alias: Jon Cervus, Johnny Pharma
SSN: undefined/illegal immigrant
Last Known Address: 313 Proton Avenue
City: New Old New Tharsis
State: Tharsis Bulge
Planet: Mars
Gender: Male
Race: lusus naturae, Pacific
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blonde
Height: 5 ft. 11 in.
Weight: 213 lbs.

A dangerous subversive, Jon Cervus AKA street name Johnny Pharma is wanted for the manufacture and distribution of the highly illegal consciousness expanding drug Schizopharma (pronounced schiz·o·kar·ma). The subject is classified a high risk because it is suspected his physical secretions, a symptom of the lusus naturae, is the source of Schizopharma.

Schizopharma allows the user to access their corporate govt regulated implants and bypass subliminal advertising. The user is also able to effect feedback into the implant, and as a consequence, connect with other users of Schizopharma in a technological assisted telepathy. Communication/control of devices is also possible.

Subject must be apprehended at all costs.

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