Jenny Shatter

Deep in the pseudo-nothing (for a void is a something in itself) Jenny is internalised, bificurating and bificurating in n-order fractals until she has constructed the alam al-mithal.

A crystal suspended in an infinity of itself produces a higher sequence of reflections producing higher sequences of reflections in an infinity of suspended crystals. This is Jenny who is now Everywhere, boiling into realities, bursting into action, accelerating from the molasses slow.

Jenny Everywhere is also Jenny Everything, and she lives and dies in a bacchanal of self, a cosmic costume ball in which she smiles at herself from behind a feathered mask. She enacts elaborate shadow plays with aspects of herself, now a dichotomy of gender and roles. She gives birth, kills, and simply lives within the multitudes of herself wearing a panoply of emotions.

Suspended in the centre of the center, in the amber of self-shackled illusion, is Jenny Everywhere, never at peace in pieces.

Her eyes flutter, and the veil of Maya is drawn.

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