Chicken Sandwich; A Warning.

It is possible to be out-smarted by just about anything if you’re not paying attention. Case in point: chickens.
When in doubt, the chicken wants your sandwich; it looks much tastier than chicken feed. The fact that the chicken has been circling you clockwise for the last five minutes while you sit in the grass eating PB&J does not mean that it will continue to do so. It may reverse course behind your back, pop up on your right side where you’re not expecting it, attack your hand, and steal your sandwich. Should such an eventuality occur do not chase the chicken, the roosters will get mad and besides you really don’t want that sandwich anymore. Go inside and get some of the cherries you bought at the farmers market this afternoon. And that peach you’ve been meaning to eat for the last 4 days? Time to eat it it’s still perfectly good.

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