Jenny Nowhere

“You’re crazy!”

“You can’t be everywhere at once and not be a little crazy.”

“She’s coming through the walls! How can she come through the walls?”

“She comes through the walls becuase they are somewhere and she is nowhere.”

“You’ve got to stop her! How do we stop her?”

“I don’t think we can. I can’t kill her, by all rights she should already be dead. I’ve run out of prisons to put her in.”

“Oh god, the lights are out! What do we do?”

“Once I tried putting her in a decaying universe. The whole dimension was breaking down, collapsing in on itself. It made a black hole look like a bit of water going down a sink. It slowed her down. For a while. When the entire reality impoded, she just-”

“Come on Jenny! You’ve got to have a way! There’s always-”

Hello Jenny Everywhere.

“She’s inside! Oh god oh god…”

“Hello Jenny Nowhere.”

I have enjoyed playing with you today. Have you got any more tricks to play?

“…oh god oh god…”

“Maybe, Jenny Nowhere. Maybe just one.”

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