a name to end all names


Frederico Chaucer Dibney?

What the fuck were my parents thinking?

There was no way they would know I would become dux of my college and go on to get a Doctorate, sending the world into fits of astoundedness at the papers I would deliver on the reality of each of the twelve Apostles, Jesus of Nazareth, and Mary the Magdalene, divined through interpretations of ancient manuscripts.

How could they know I’d CEO one of the largest corporations in the world, specialising in dealing and distributing high-end supercars to the world’s elite multi-nationally? Nobody was too good or too bad, providing automobiles of excellence to business magnates, political tyrants, cardinals and bishops, and even unknown enthusiasts, among a myriad of others.

There was no way they could know I’d father nineteen children to seven mothers, loving each child and providing unlimited support and encouragement to them in their lives.

Now the world will know Frederico Chaucer Dibney: Grafittier of third-world Nations!

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