Errrgghh Raarahhh!!. Episode II

But your testicles and ovaries, that’s an entirely different story. Our brains are firing on the degraded primitive circuits of fight/flee, hunger, and procreation functions. Being blessed with the Gift allows us to do all three in a single fell swoop.

We get to satisfy our fight urges in the chase for prey, our hunger needs in the consumption process, and the procreation imperative allows us to pass on the Gift of higher life. But brains? Please. It’s hardly worth the effort crush the hard outer shell to access a bland tasteless gruel. It’s strictly the taste of connossieurs.

I know you’re writhing about in abject horror and unthinkable pain as I pluck intestines like busted guitar strings from your gut but hold fast, friend, for it shall become better. You shall have the Gift.


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