Wedding Branches

From the upper floor of the house she looked over the vineyard. She could see rows of chairs and heavy red grapes hanging above the altar.

Her dress was in the closet and the last of the tables were being arranged. It would only be about sixteen more hours until she’s walking the aisle. She could almost see him waiting for her under the grapevines.

She saw his face rise up in front of her eyes. Slowly she leaned forward for a kiss not expecting to ever touch his flesh. She threw herself back from the window.

“Daniel! You frightened me so.”Her groom-to-be was perched on a ladder leaning through the window, “What are you doing up here?”

“I have hardly courted you since our engagement; I wanted to give you something before tomorrow.” He pulled out a long thin box tied with a red satin ribbon. When he took the lid off there was a simple small branch.

“What is this about?” Emily enquired.

“This is a twig from the Laurel tree. The lore says if you break it, and keep half, I will always be faithful to you.”

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