J. Byrde

I want to wake up feeling as if I’ve slept as long as I’ve needed to. I want to wake up to my face basking in sun and not have to wait until late in the afternoon when that single shaft of warmth filled light hits my pillow for a short brief beautiful moment.

I want to associate the time for my next meal not with the scrape of metal across stone but with a pleasant scent that readies my empty stomach for fulfillment. The sustenance I want to feel as something that means to be edible lands softly upon my tongue.

Oh and how I want to listen attentively to the first person that speaks to me – embracing every syllable and tone. And I’ll get to reply without fear of consequence for doing so! Maybe the conversation will end with a handshake. Oh, a handshake! Maybe a hug or a light peck on the cheek. Or both! Hah. Yes!

But of course, I miss that quick, quiet breeze the most. The kind that paces itself evenly across my cheekbones before diving deep into my lungs. That’s when I know I’ll truly be home again.

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