■Your no wishes ñow! ™

How are you?
Just a couple of days ago we bought an lamp !from one eyed merchant on street corner in CoNstantinpole souq. Nice man good bargen

and I love it. I paid 5,0#9.999 shekels and fitfy racist camels all charges included the chose to use an exiled genie but that’s not all bad. This is wizard genie comes with 3 wishs or 4 if you pay cash. I used my wishs mostly for my harem where stability, long life, portability are the most important things to me. I rarely wish to be a noble. I especially like the brass finish on the lamp.

The won eyed merchant appears on the corner of the Tehran souq under the gibbous moon of the month of Kānūn Ithnāni every second century.I if you want to get one you can check it out then.

Best wish for you.

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