Spider-Man's Sticky Situation!

Spider-Man shot some spider-web right into the eyes of The Dead Man’s Hand (a Gambit brought back from dying from the Legacy Virus by Doctor Doom’s magic). “FOOL!” He raged. "YOUR PALTRY STICKY WEB WOULD BE BETTER USED AS A NOOSE FOR YOU TO HANG YOURSELF!

Spider-Man dodged behind a wall and thought long and hard. Gambit’s secret weakness had always been his love for cajun food…luckily this was all happening in the French Quarter! (this What If? fight does not take Katrina as canon). Spider-Man grabbed some Jambalaya and slathered it with Jack Daniels before throwing it into the face of The Dead Man’s Hand. Now, if only this would work……..

IT DID! Suddenly The Dead Man’s Hand turned back into regular, pre-decimation Gambit.

“WOOOOEEHHH, SPIDUH-MAYAN! DO NOT CHALLANGE A CAJUN TO A JAMBALAYAH EATIN CONTEST UNLESS YOU MEAN IT!” A minute later and they were both chowing down like nothing had ever happened…when suddenly Gambit’s eyes glowed red! It was just the jambalayah acting up, right?

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